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        Q: Where can I buy SWIT Products?
        A:  Find a local distributor at: http://www.www.els28.com/Web_SwitEn/Distributor.aspx You can contact them to order SWIT products. If there’re no distributors in your area,
         please directly contact us at Email: contact@www.els28.com, or telephone: +86-25-85805753.

        Q: Where can I claim for warranty or after service?
        A:  We authorized SWIT distributors to offer warranty check and after service. Please contact the distributor of the Country/Region where you based. Check the warranty period and policy at: http://www.www.els28.com/Web_SwitEn/warranty.aspx
        Q: What is the IATA restrictions for traveling with Larger Lithium ion batteries?
        A:  According to IATA regulations, the Lithium ion batteries:
            (1) Capacity under 100Wh: not restricted to carry-on or air cargo shipping;
            (2) Capacity between 100Wh-160Wh: Only 2pcs per person allowed to carry-on, and air cargo shipping is not allowed;
            (3) Capacity over 160Wh: Neither carry-on nor air cargo shipping is allowed.
         Please note that Check-in Luggage is not allowed for all kind of Lithium ion batteries. Also, please check your airline before you travel.
        Q: Why SWIT dividable batteries are not restricted by IATA?
        A:  SWIT developed the dividable batteries: S-8132A/S, S-8152A/S, S-8172A/S and S-8192A/S with over 100Wh capacity but can be divided into 2 parts before boarding, and each part has less than 100Wh capacity, which will comply with IATA and it’s a best solution for people who need high capacity but also want to travel by airplane.
        Q: When using the battery pack for the first time, what should I do?
        A: (1) The lithium-ion battery has no memory effect. The battery pack can be recharged before being fully discharged.
            (2) To take advantage of the battery pack, it is recommended you charge and discharge the battery completely at initial use.
            (3) If you don’t use the battery for a long period of time, please charge and discharge the battery every 3 months.
            (4) The self-discharging of the lithium-ion battery can be neglected.
        Q: What's the compatibility of the SWIT battery pack and chargers with other original products?
        A: (1) All SWIT V-mount batteries can be charged on SONY original charger BC-50/100. SWIT charger 302S/304S/3802S/3004S can charge SONY original batteryL40/L60/L80/75.
            (2) SWIT DV batteries and charger are compatible with the original charger and battery with the same mount.
            (3) SWIT Gold mount batteries and chargers are not compatible with any other brands.
        Q: What are the difference between SWIT High Load batteries and normal batteries?
        A: The High Load batteries S-8260A/S, S-8210A/S adopt high load cells, which can load higher power than normal batteries. The normal Li-ion batteries can load max 100W / 8A equipments in total, while the S-8260A/S can load max 180W / 15A, and S-8210A/S can load max 150W / 12A. The High Load batteries are suitable for Cine Cameras and high power camera lights.
        Q: How to calculate the running time of batteries?
        A: Check the power consumption of the camera (or the equipments to be powered) and the capacity of your battery. For example, if the camera is 15W power consumption and your battery is 47Wh capacity, then the theoretical running time is 47Wh/15W=3.13 hours. Considering the power loss and the low power protection, the real running time is about half an hour less.
        Q: How long it will take to charge SWIT batteries?
        A:  Please download and check the SWIT battery charging time chart at: http://www.www.els28.com/download/xxx.aspx  (Sign in before download). 
        Q: Why does the LED indicator show full capacity but the battery cannot supply power?
        A:  (1) The remaining capacity is showed through calculating the voltage. After the battery used for a long time, the capacity will reduce accordingly. The voltage will become high when charged which makes the power look full. Actually, the capacity is very low and cannot be used for a long time.
             (2) Another circumstance, when the battery pack detected abnormal current, the protection mode will be triggered, and output power is cut off. Please charge the battery at any SWIT charger to re-active the battery.
        Q: Why do some batteries lose capacity after only about one year of usage?
        A: The life cycle of the Li-ion battery is normally charging and discharging 500 times. If used in high frequency, the cell will age more quickly.
        Q: Why you introduce Chip Array LED as the “New Generation LED Light” ?
        A: LED has taken the place of Halogen bulb light several years ago, for its higher light output, lower power requirements and longer life. However, the only disadvantage of LED is too sharp, shinning and glaring, comparing to the traditional Halogen bulb.
        SWIT introduced the Chip Array LED technology, which integrates the LEDs into a chip, only one bulb in appearance, and produces bright but soft, glareless light.That’s the “Halogen bulb feeling LED technology”, the best choice for news gathering, interview, etc.
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