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          IBC2017 Exhibition Review
          IBC2017 has been a great show for SWIT. We displayed new products from all of our 4 production lines:
          IP66 water proof and 1.5m drop-off proof battery, IATA complied Separable battery, 6A Fast chargers and 12V/24V 4-battery power station box.
          Sony / Panasonic / Canon / JVC full ranges DV battery and charger;
          DV batteries for Panasonic new EVA1.
          17-24 inches studio monitors, 4-SDI input Quad monitor, and SDI / HDMI Quadview box.
          5 / 7 / 9 inches camera-top monitors, 4K HDMI 2.0, Multi camera logs to 709 conversion, quick zoom-in and focus assist.
          New HDMI 150 meters wireless at EUR999 list price, wireless for everyone.
          New SDI 300 meters wireless for professional filmmakers.
          New 1km SDI&HDMI wireless with panel receiver, which has the wireless receiver built-in a 14dbi Gain panel antenna.
          SMD & COB on-camera light, the non-glearing LED technology.

          SMD flexible LED allows lighting anywhere.
          SMD flexible LED allows lighting anywhere.
          Super thin and Super bright LED Panel with SWIT unique edge-mounting LED technology, provides 3-light kit with tripod for field usage.
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