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          Chip Array LED C Integrate LED bulbs into a chip
          LED has taken place of Halogen bulb at broadcast on-camera light several years ago, for its high efficient output, low power consumption and long life. However, due to the obvious disadvantage of glaring, multiple shadows and shining, people are still thinking of the Halogen bulb that can feed soft light. Now SWIT has brought out the new LED technology into on-camera lighting, called Chip Array LED light, which integrates the LEDs into a chip, with high brightness output but in smaller size, and the most remarkable, it offers a equally spread, soft, glareless light that similar to the traditional Halogen bulb light.

          Wider Beam Angle - No visible beam edge
          The traditional LED lights use lens to converge and get a higher brightness, but dropped down quickly around, which will generate a visible lighting border in the image.
          In comparison, the Chip Array LED generates a wider beam angle, equally spread from the center to edge, and suitable for HD shooting.

          Glareless light, Single Shadow
          The traditional LED array always generates several highlight pots on retina and people will feel glaring, even cant recover sight until a few seconds. In comparison, the SWIT Chip Array LED has only one bulb in appearance, and output a glareless, single shadow light, suitable for close interview shooting.
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