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          You are at: HOME > Products > Lighting > Light Controller > Pocket Wireless DMX controller
          Pocket Wireless DMX controller
          ◆ Pocket size portable DMX controller
          ◆ 2.4G wireless, quick connection
          ◆ 400m (LOS) transmission distance
          ◆ Control all standard DMX512 lights
          ◆ 8-ch x 7 groups control channels
          ◆ 2x AA batteries or USB power
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          Pocket Wireless DMX


          LA-WR8 is a portable wireless DMX controller for field light kit application, compatible with all standard DMX512 protocol lights, to get rid of complex DMX cable work and large DMX console, and makes the field light kit control easier and quicker.


          * The “SkyPanel” light indicated in this picture is a product of ARRI Group, and is one of the lights that this wireless DMX controller is compatible with.




          2.4G Wireless Quick Connect

          Adopt 2.4G wireless transmission, quick connecting, plug and play, anti-interference, 400 meters transmission distance in line of sight.
          One controller can be connected with multiple light adaptors.






          8-ch×7 Groups DMX512 Control


          LA-WR8 adopts standard DMX512 protocol, 8 faders and 7 groups switching by 7 colors indicator. (Totally 56 DMX channels)
          Switch the controller group color the same as light adaptors, and they can be connected and controlled.





          Standard 5-pin DMX connector

          The light adaptor provides standard 5-pin DMX connector, compatible with all standard 5-pin DMX lights.

          Power Supply

          The Controller can be powered by 2x AA batteries, continuously 4 hours working. Support sleep mode if no operation after 1 minute.
          The Controller supports Micro USB power input as well. You can use USB power bank to power the controller.

          The Light Adaptor is powered by USB, only 0.5W power. The professional lights like Skypanel, SWIT PL-E series, FL-C series have USB socket on the light.

          1 to 3 Kit Package

          LA-WR8 1 to 3 basic kit, includes:
          1x LA-WR8 controller
          3x LA-WR8-R light adaptors
          3x Micro USB power cables for light adaptor

          Light Adaptor
          2.4G transmission
          400 meters (Line-of-Sight)
          Input Voltage
          2x AA batteries or5V Micro USB
          5V Micro USB
          Power Consumption
          Approx. 274g
          Approx. 47g



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