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          • The Outstanding Experience
            S-1053F / S-1073F
            5.5” & 7” FHD Cine-camera Monitor

            Optical Bonding LCD
            All Metal Housing

            2K/3G/HD/SD-SDI & HDMI
            HDMI input to SDI output

            9-step quick zoom-in and mapping
            Focus assist precision adjustable

            Build-in Log-C/C-log/S-Log2/S-Log3/V-Log/J-Log1/RedLogFilm to Rec709
            Support User 3DLUT cube imported by USB stick

            Waveform/Vector/Histogram, 16-ch audio meters and select any 2-ch to output
            False color, zebra stripes, R/G/B/Mono, Timecode, AFD, etc

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